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Your coaches at Voodoo Combat are a team of highly experienced Martial Artists, qualified not only in the art itself but also as coaches / teachers and in first aid. All our coaches have also been subject to, and passed, a Data Barring Services (DBS) check.


Dave Kári – Head Coach

Dave voodoo

Voodoo Combat Head Coach; Dave is the martial arts maven and font of all knowledge to the coaching team and members at Voodoo.

ave is a Martial Arts expert, training since 1983, accumulating vast knowledge and skill in many of the mainstream styles and experienced in many lesser known ones.

is experience includes an array of highly functional combat styles that he currently practices and coaches such as; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Black Belt), Submission / Catch Wrestling, Full Contact Kick Boxing (4th Dan Black Belt), Muay Thai (Thai Boxing), Boxing. He also trains in Sambo and Judo with past experience in; Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Freestyle Kick Boxing (1st Dan Black Belt), Karate (1st Dan Black Belt).

Dave is also a Self Defence Instructor (Def-Con-One), First Aid Instructor and qualified teacher. He was also awarded ‘Sports Person of the Year 2016’.

Amanda Kári – Performance Coach


Voodoo Performance Coaching; Amanda is a personal training specialist and martial arts consultant.

Amanda is a REP’s level 4 Master Personal Trainer specialising in Diabetes and Obesity as well as being a Sports Nutritionist helping you achieve any fitness or dietary goals you might have.

Her experience includes an array of highly functional combat styles that she currently practices and coaches such as: Full Contact Kick Boxing (3rd Dan Black Belt), Free Style Kick Boxing (2nd Dan Black Belt), Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Purple Belt), with over 9 years experience in Submission / Catch Wrestling.

As well as all that Amanda is a Self Defence Instructor (Def-Con-One), First Aid Instructor and IQA (Internal Quality Assessor) and qualified teacher.

Pablo Garcia – Senior Coach


Pablo has many years experience in Full Contact Kick Boxing (2nd Dan Black Belt), Muay Thai and Shotokan Karate Do (1st Dan Black Belt).

He also trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Blue Belt) and Submission / Catch Wrestling.

He currently teaches Thai / Kick Boxing, Boxing and Karate for Voodoo Combat as well as at the Tytherington Club, Macclesfield.

Kameron Atakuru – Head Coach ASW Manchester


Top UK Catch Wrestler and No-Gi Grappler, Pro MMA Fighter, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt with experience in Muay Thai and Boxing as well being the Head Coach of ASW Manchester.

He is Voodoo Combats mentor for all things grappling as well as awarding coach for all our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belt rankings. Voodoo Combat proudly competes as part of the ASW Manchester Team.


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