Adult Thai / Kick Boxing Gradings

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Thai Kick Boxing Gradings are based on a Voodoo Combat specific syllabus covering all aspects of full contact kick boxing and is verified by the CMAA (Cobra Martial Arts Association). Students progress through the grading ranks through a mixture of progression in class and by attending and passing grading events.

Grading events are run periodically and eligible student will be invited to attend them as and when they are deemed to be ready by their coach. There are no ‘automatic’ promotions purely due to attendance at Voodoo. It is our job to develop every student to become the best they can be in their art.

The colours of the belts in order of progression are as follows;

White – Awarded to new starters with no confirmed rank. There is no requirement to wear a white belt.

Foundation Belts

Intermediate Belts

Advanced Belts
Brown / Black
Black – 1st Dan


4th Degree Black Belt
Dave Kari 10/06/2018 (Head Coach)

3rd Degree Black Belt
Amanda Kari 13/08/2018 (Senior Coach)
Pablo Garcia 19/12/2020 (Senior Coach)

2nd Degree Black Belt
Tom Bell 03/12/2017
Chris Duncan 21/06/2018 (Consultant Coach)
Matt Burton 16/11/2018 (Coach)
Jane Bryant 05/08/2020

1st Degree Black Belt
Josh Connolly 18/12/2019
Josh Burton 20/01/2020 (Coach)
Sam Jawaid 09/09/2020
Oliver Stevens 21/12/2020 (Coach)

Brown / Black Belt
Pam Dooley 18/02/2019
Charlie (Cem) Gurbuz 29/07/2020
Anthony Brown 14/10/2020

Brown Belt
Clare Mottram 03/11/2019
Kasim Newaz 11/03/2020
Ian Dougan 29/07/2020


Purple Belt
Dan Ososcki  16/10/2017
Avril Newington 04/09/2018
Paddy McGuinness 23/09/2018
Paul Morrison 14/07/2019
Sarah (southpaw) Bailey 15/09/2020

Blue Belt
Matt Turner 11/05/2014
Kelly Wright 19/11/2017
Jack Capon 12/02/2019
Claire Parry 23/03/2018
Harrison Theil 23/03/2019
Simon Baines 27/10/2019
John Clay 17/07/2020
Zafer Gurbuz 27/07/2020
Jake Fitzgerald 27/07/2020
Mike Gray 09/10/2020

Green Belt
Sammie Whalley 21/09/2019
Richard Gardner 27/07/2020
Sarah Bailey 23/09/2020
Robert Barber 29/07/2020
Kerrie O’Rourke 10/12/2020


Yellow Belt
Madga Zarzycka 19/11/2017
Andy Phillips 23/03/2019
Ella Clarke 13/11/2019

Orange Belt
Conor maguinness 27/12/2017
James Willmott 23/09/2018
Tom Higgins 25/11/2018
Greg Baskerville 29/07/2020
TJ Maccleri 03/08/2020

Red Belt
Olivia Ford 17/09/2017
Kieron Aflex 23/03/2019
Chris Marriot 03/08/2020