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Infinite Possibility | Martial Arts Academy Macclesfield

We can grade you from white belt through to black belt and beyond in Kick Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Shotokan Karate Do. You certificated by the countries leading awarding bodies and have you grades nationally recognised.

The Black Belt

The coveted black belt is the goal everyone seeks and we can take you to that level. But it is the journey that is more important than the destination. How you get there is far more important than how fast you get there. We want you to enjoy your journey with us and that of achieving your goals at our academy. Your belts are a sign post or bench mark of your progression and growth.

You advancement is not measured against a check list of techniques or compared to others you train with, but your development as a person, an individual. How would you appear against the ‘you’ of yesterday, of last month, or last year perhaps? This is the only true measure of you as a martial artist.

We are very keen on offering equal opportunities to all our members. No matter what disadvantages you have we are willing to work with you on making them an opportunity to improve yourself in ways you never thought before. If you have a disability of some sort or perhaps you are worried about advancing age, or that you’re unsure you are able to train and advance in a combat sport, let us put your mind at rest. Let us show you how we can help.


Here is a complete list of our achievers at Voodoo Combat. We have divided the gradings up into manageable sections listed here:

Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Junior / Cadet Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Adult Thai / Kick Boxing

Cadet Kick Boxing

Junior Kick Boxing

Adult Shotokan Karate Do