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Personal Training

Personal Training has become far more popular over recent years mainly due to the need to achieve positive changes quickly and professionally.

Do you want to learn a martial art as a sport, to defend yourself or for the arts sake? Perhaps get a little fitter, or need to rehabilitate from injury or illness? Maybe you want to transform your body ready for that holiday or just fit back into your favourite clothes? Are you already training in the martial arts and want to step up to the next level?

There are endless reasons that our clients come to us for personal training. Some want to train without the need to attend a public class, its just so much more convenient. Others want to build their skills quickly and then apply them in the classes. Others have very specific fitness or development targets that are difficult to achieve any other way. Whatever the reason, we tailor your personal training to suit your exact needs to achieve any goal you might have.

We can Help!



How Can We Help?

Our personal training sessions consist of a one hour class with your own highly qualified coach specialising in the development you require. It takes place at the gym or a mutually agreed facility we deem fit for the purpose.

The first time you come to us we will discuss your goals, expectations and concerns. Together we will come up with a plan of action and then make it happen. Sessions are available by appointment throughout the week, day and evening, depending on availability. Most of our clients book one or two sessions per week to maximise their results, although there are no rules on how you do it, you have complete control.

There is a wide range of skills we teach. You can choose from any of the following martial arts:


We can formulate any combination of the above martial arts and areas of health development. Practising the martial arts often carries many health benefits without the need to train them separately, talk to your coach. In short, we can cater for any of your health and development needs.


Your Investment

Once you have attended an induction and joined the gym for £36 you will get a month to attend any of our public classes at Voodoo Combat for free and free insurance for the rest of that year.

For a one hour personal training session for most of the martial arts taught here, the cost would be £32. If you require a grappling class, it is £40 for one hour with a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Black Belt, covering Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission / Catch Wrestling. To minimise your outlay you can invite others to your session, up to three people in total at no addition cost. Above three people we charge £10 per each additional person.

You can purchase a block of 12 classes at a discounted rate of £324, that works out as only £27 per session. If you would like to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission / Catch Wrestling with a BJJ Black Belt you can purchase a block of 12 classes at a discounted rate of £420, that works out as only £35 per session.

Why people train with us is not anywhere near as important as why they keep coming back. For friendly, professional personal training you know we deliver.

Talk to us now to find out more or book your personal training session.

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