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Training in the Martial Arts can help you and your family build fitness, confidence, the ability to defend yourself and the body you’ve always wanted in a fun, safe but challenging environment.



Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling art that utilises the Gi, traditional kimono type clothing consisting of a jacket, trousers and a belt.

Originating from Japan, Judo arrived on Brazilian shores and was practiced focusing on ground fighting (newaza) using a range of joint locks and chokes to overcome an opponent. It was developed and popularised by the Gracie family, heavily influenced by Submission and Catch Wrestling techniques, and evolved into the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we train today. Passed down and continuously developed by many pioneers of the sport, and now we continue to evolve it to this day.

However, at Voodoo we do not exclude any useful techniques from other styles of grappling that use the GI such as Judo or Sambo, as well as many styles of grappling that don’t.

Influenced by many schools of thought within and outside Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), we have consistently produced successful competitors at all levels, including national championships. Competing can help a student progress through the rankings but is in no way a requirement.

You will progress through the BJJ belt system, your rank will be recognised both nationally and internationally. Voodoo Combat BJJ is verified by Kameron Atakuru of ASW Manchester and Ben Poppleton of Gordo Jiu Jitsu Europe. Voodoo Combat is a member of and verified by the Cobra Martial Arts Association (CMAA) under whom all your belt rankings will be recognised and recorded and will eventually appear on the National Black Belt Register. We are also members of the UK Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association (UKBJJA) as well as being recognised by the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF).



Wrestling is a group of grappling arts (without a Gi as in BJJ) and can be fought under a range of rule sets, and we at Voodoo train for all the predominate styles using a range of joint locks and chokes to overcome an opponent. These styles include Submission Wrestling, Catch Wrestling, Olympic Greco and Freestyle Wrestling.

Although they are all styles of wrestling in their own right we do not differentiate or exclude any skills from any grappling arts. We include techniques from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Sambo, Judo, Collegiate Wrestling, Luta Livre, as well as clinch techniques from Muay Thai. In fact anything useful no matter what the source.

At Voodoo we encourage our wrestlers to compete to accelerate their development and test their grappling skills, but noone is ever pressured to do. We want you to enjoy your journey.

Voodoo Combat is a member of, and our wrestling programme verified and regulated by, Kameron Atakuru of ASW Manchester and the British Wrestling Organisation (BWO).



Thai Boxing and Kick Boxing are the ultimate arts of striking with the hands, elbows, the feet, legs and knees. Thai Boxing specifically employs prolonged fighting within a clinch. Where as K1 Kickboxing has a much more limited clinch. Then there’s American style Kick Boxing with no clinch work and further limits on the strikes allowed. They are all full contact forms of Kick Boxing and we at Voodoo Combat train for all these rule sets, excluding nothing of use.

There are always opportunities to compete in any of these forms of Thai Kick Boxing if you wish to test your skills in the ultimate arena.

Not only does Kickboxing provide fighters with a sense of confidence and vigour, it’s also a great way for gym newcomers to increase stamina and transform, shedding fat and developing lean muscle.

You will progress through the belt system towards achieving a ‘Black Belt’ and beyond, recognised and recorded on the National Black Belt Register. Voodoo Combat is a member of and verified by the Cobra Martial Arts Association (CMAA).



Boxing is a discipline that is seemingly unaffected by changing fashions in sports and remains an enormously popular combat sport all around the world to this day, for good reason.

Known as “the noble art”, boxing is the king of hand combat sports. Training in boxing will develop a sense of timing and fluid movement, learning how to successfully strike an opponent and avoid incoming punches. It is the ideal art to compliment our Thai / Kick Boxing style.

Boxing requires a very high level of fitness that you will develop whilst simply enjoying the process of getting better.



Shotokan Karate Do is a way for an individual to realise greater potential and expand the limits of that individual’s physical and mental capabilities.

The traditional Martial Art of Karate originated from the island Okinawa in Japan. Many family styles of Karate evolved but only a few stood the test of time and Shotokan was one of them. An art that is primarily based in striking and utilises traditional training methods such as Kata which is a set pattern of techniques called Kata.

You will progress through the belt system to the ultimate ‘Black Belt’ recognised and recorded on the National Black Belt Register. Voodoo Combat is a member of and verified by the Cobra Martial Arts Association (CMAA). There are opportunities to compete under a variety of rule sets.

Karate also has its competitive side consisting of performing various forms of Kata in various formats as well as individual and team Kumite which consists of free sparring accumulating points on successful techniques. Shotokan Karate Do is a true taste of the origins of so many of today’s combat arts.



Training in Self Defence / Street Combat is delivered via personal training sessions and public courses. It is taught by qualified self defence coaches using the ‘Def-Con-One’ system developed with input from the very best martial arts coaches, military, police and prison services. This system has been proven in action by close quarters protection operatives.

We deliver expert tutelage in a simple, realistic and highly functional way. From threat recognition, avoidance and prevention right up to handling different types of physical attacks.

We explore mental states and the essential factors that allow violence to occur in the first place. We will clarify the law and your right to defend yourself, others and your property.

Voodoo Combat’s Self Defence coaches are members of and verified by the Cobra Martial Arts Association (CMAA).



Personal one to one and small group training is available by appointment. Personal training in any of the martial arts listed above is delivered by highly qualified and experienced coaches.

Bespoke fitness and conditioning as well as nutritional advice is delivered by our REPs Level 4 Personal Trainer, specialising in diabetes and obesity.

In short, we can cater for any of your health and development needs.

For more information visit out Personal Training page.