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Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gradings

Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gradings

Belts are awarded from white through blue, purple, brown to black belt. You can accrue stripes on each belt to show progression towards the next belt promotion. Black belt and further degrees are awarded for active teaching, coaching, competing and contributing to the art. If you can make it a match with pretty much anyone your own gender, age, weight and experience level whilst executing technical Brazilian Jiu Jitsu without having to rely on attributes then you are that grade. The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grading system does not have a set specific syllabus for each belt. Performance in competition can be used to evaluate the student but is not necessary.

Brown Belt

Tony Houghton 24/11/15 (Assistant Coach)
Dave Kari 10/12/17  (Head Coach)
Anil Armitt 09/09/2018 (assistant Coach)

Purple Belt

Sergiusz Pawlowski 31/08/16 (Assistant Coach)
Alex Madejowski 11/02/18 (Assistant Coach)

Blue Belt

Sam Archer 17/08/13
Matt Turner 15/06/14
Sean Maguinness 07/06/15
Anthony Brown 09/12/16
Amanda Kari 10/12/17 (Head Coach)
Carl Rowson 10/12/17
Charles Naden-Lamb 07/08/18



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