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Striking Programme


This highly popular programme includes all things striking but does not cover all the techniques in the Karate Programme or very few in the Grappling Programme that we deliver. We call this our ‘Striking Programme’ and consists of Thai / Kickboxing, Boxing (for Thai / Kick Boxing), Sparring, Pads and Bags and Power / Endurance Conditioning classes, described in more detail below. That’s a total of 7 hours training over 6 days every week!

Each member can choose to attend either the ‘RED SHIFT‘ or ‘BLUE SHIFT‘ programmes (subject to availability), but cannot attend both.

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“Thai / Kickboxing”

Thai Boxing and Kickboxing are striking arts involving punching, kicking, elbow and knee strikes and clinch work. We utilise a variety of safety equipment that your coach will advise you upon. These skills are delivered by highly experienced coaches, progressing through the belt system to the ultimate ‘Black Belt’ recognised and recorded on the National Black Belt Register. Voodoo Combat is a member of and verified by the Cobra Martial Arts Association (CMAA). There are opportunities to compete under a variety of rule sets including Muay Thai classes A, B and C, K1 and other Full Contact Kickboxing rules.


“Boxing (for Thai / Kickboxing)”

The ancient striking art of Boxing has been practiced for a millennia and we pride ourselves on continuing this tradition. You can attend our adults Boxing classes without any prior experience and be at any fitness level. The skills developed here also augment those of Thai / Kick Boxing and this is why we deliver this along side one another. This is taught by very experienced and qualified coaches challenging you to achieve and reach beyond your personal goals. If you wish to take your training to the next level we can also prepare you to compete in the ‘noble art’.



Due to its level of difficulty, a coach will invite you to attend a ‘Sparring’ course ran at regular intervals, and is free of charge, to help you develop some basic skills and abilities and to smoothly introduce you to what otherwise might be a challenging class.
Suitable for our Thai / Kick Boxers, sparring is where you get the chance to try out your skills as a fighter in a realistic yet safe environment. This fun yet challenging aspect of the martial arts is what all your training leads to and is essential if you intend progress through your Thai / Kick Boxing grades or to compete in the future.


“Pads and Bags”

These classes are designed to complement the Thai / Kick Boxing and Boxing classes delivered at Voodoo. In this session we focus on developing your cardio vascular capability and general body conditioning using pads & bags and a variety of sport specific drills and exercises.


“Power / Endurance Conditioning”

The conditioning classes develop both your ‘Power’ or ‘Endurance’ capability. It consists of a variety drills and exercises specifically designed and selected to compliment the combat arts. These popular classes are exactly what you need if you’re keen on getting ‘fight fit’.


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